Best Soundbar Under ₹ 5000 In India

We don’t waste no time, we don’t recommend garbage. At Erodov we tell you whats best, period. We list them in that order, and give you a glimpse into its feature set and specs. If you choose to buy from our links, we get some commission at no additional cost to you. This commission helps run us our systems without any advertisement for best user experience.


Zebronics Zeb-Jukebar 3900 is a 2 piece setup with a dedicated subwoofer unit. It comes with plenty of input options and features to create a mini music system slash home theater setup. With regards to its audio performance it can only be said that we are amazed at how good this system sounds and how good the bass is. Let us read some of the features that it offers:

  • Dedicates subwoofer unit is a big plus.
  • Rock solid audio output, very loud and clear.
  • The soundbar comes with multi-connectivity options such as Bluetooth, USB input, HDMI input and Coaxial.
  • 40 watt R.M.S. soundbar output.
  • 40 watt R.M.S. subwoofer output.
  • 1 year product warranty.
  • Low profile build, seamless blend into media center.
  • Boom-Boom, Bam-Bam output from subwoofer.
  • Impressive harmonics.
  • Remote control for easy usage.

boAt Aavante Bar Mystiq Soundbar

Boat as a brand has somehow managed to infiltrate almost every household in India. Their products are good quality and sound performance is above par. The Mystic soundbar is a very potent system with a dedicated low frequency effects box, namely the subwoofer. The combined output is 100 watts R.M.S. which is plentiful to energize any decently sized room with quality audio.

  • 2.1 channel soundbar system with a dedicated subwoofer unit.
  • Versatile system as it has Bluetooth V5.3, AUX, USB, Optical and HDMI(ARC) input options, everything is covered.
  • Different inbuilt eq modes suited for different content, like News, Music etc.
  • 1 year warranty from Boat.
  • Handy remote control for easy access at finger tips.
  • Excellent sound signature, will please everyone.
  • Solid punchy bass performance.
  • Easy to wall mount or keep on desk.
  • Top Notch build and finish.


Govo Gosurround 900 is an oddball of sorts. It looks very good with its glamorous looks. The LED does lend it a very cool hip-hop style charisma. Furthermore it comes with a dedicated subwoofer unit like most others in the price range. Where it has an advantage though is the fact it comes with 4 drivers in the soundbar unit. The difference while not night and day can be perceivable. Let us read more about it:

  • 4 driver setup soundbar.
  • Dedicated subwoofer unit with 6.5″ driver.
  • 200 watts (Peak) output.
  • Host of input options consistent with its price range, it includes HDMI (ARC), AUX, USB & OPT.
  • 4 Equalizer Modes for different contents: Movie, News, Music & 3D modes.
  • Unique LED lights give it a futuristic look.
  • Wall mount option for clean look.
  • Remote control for easy control.
  • Solid audio performance.

JBL Cinema SB120

JBL Cinema SB120 is an entry level soundbar. It does not come with a dedicated subwoofer however it does not take away much from its overall performance, since it has one built into the main unit itself. Its a one box solution with loots of oomph factor for those who want a good brand name and clutter free setup. Additionally it has 110 Watts of output which is a good number. Some more noteworthy facts are:

  • 2.1 setup soundbar, in one unit.
  • Bluetooth, optical and HDMI connectivity for clean audio.
  • Low profile makes it possible to keep it in front of TV, or simply wall mount it.
  • Impressive audio, JBL does not disappoint.
  • 1 year warranty on the soundbar setup.
  • High quality build, not only looks good but feels sturdy.
  • Remote is included for convenience.
  • Voice mode, for enhanced dialogue clarity.

boAt Aavante Bar 1160

Boat Aavante Bar 1160 is a simple looking and single unit setup which is not only cost effective but also suited for clutter free installation. It boasts of 60 watt output which should be quite enough for accentuating TV viewing as well as occasional music listening and action movie watching. Agreed it will not be able to provide good quality bass since it lacks a subwoofer, but then this is not meant for everyone.

  • 60 watt R.M.S. audio output.
  • Slim, sleek and elegant looks.
  • Single unit setup, clutter free and minimal wires.
  • Connectivity options include Bluetooth V4.2, Aux and USB.
  • 1 year warranty from Boat.
  • 4 driver setup, gives good stereo output and fidelity.
  • Tension free, Stabilizer free operation.
  • Included remote makes it easy to use.
  • Various eq modes such as music, news etc.


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