Why Google Is Here To Stay?

In recent weeks there has been a steady onslaught by A.I. Chat bots such as ChatGPT forcing the hand of Google into prematurely bringing “Bard” live. While competition is a good thing, Google will be largely undisturbed by it, here is why.

  1. Google is now a part of all of our digital lives and ecosystem.
  2. Google has its OS running on nearly all Android phones.
  3. Google also has its OS on many a smart devices including but not restricted to Televisions.
  4. Gmail is a part of every household if not everyone.
  5. Google has the most detailed and comprehensive road traffic information thanks to countless devices running Android.
  6. As a result of the above Google Maps is also a very important part of our lives.
  7. Youtube forms an integral part of each one of our lives, no denying it now!
  8. Google also is into backend side of the internet, DNS, Internet Time Keeper, Routing.
  9. Ofcourse it is the most favored search system in use.
  10. Taking a note of user habits, patterns, lifestyle, Google can make a comprehensive profile (if not already done) to predict our shopping, vacation and other habits and patterns.
  11. Chrome and Its OS are also very powerful and light weight, its got a fan following of its own.
  12. The search engine is very advanced after countless tweaks, upgrades. It literally guesses what you are wanting to search, right?
  13. Apart from Bing (Microsoft) and Apple nothing is really a challenge out there for them, and we all know where Bing stands. So all that remains between them and total monopoly is just Apple.
  14. Countless sites use plugins and code such as Analytics, Tag Manager on their sites.
  15. Apart from all this there are countless other avenues which make Google something of a monopoly where in it will always use its power to influence users, and naturally be very monopolistic in nature.


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