iPhone 15, all we know

The rumor mill has been working tirelessly to deliver us some of the expected, known and speculated information on the iPhone 15.

Apple has been known to change the design on its phones every alternate year, well atleast till iPhone 11. Since then it has remained largely the same design. Apple has been more focused on optics and silicone more than ever before. And the last 2 generations namely iPhone 13 Pro models and iPhone 14 Pro models have got not only superb performance attributes but also camera systems that put a big question mark on the casual DSLRs out there. Lets not discount the battery optimizations and supremely reduced power consumption achieved.

What we are sure of!

  • The camera system will surely receive an update which will be more of evolution over the existing array of systems.
  • The silicone likely to be called the A17 will feature even better power utilization, battery consumption will take more importance over performance upgrades.
  • Narrower bezels, yes the bezels are set to get more narrow, exclusively for the Pro models though.
  • The display will get thinner and you are likely to feel a certain pop in display for atleast a few days of usage, quite akin to the iPhone 6 series.
  • USB-C, it is inevitable that the iPhones will make the switch to USB-C this time around.
  • Dynamic island will be available on the entire iPhone 15 lineup.
  • In a bet to improve water and dust resistance and remove failing parts all the while improving user experience, Apple will introduce touch enabled power and volume buttons which will be aided by taptic engines.
  • A new color, exclusive to the iPhone 15, probably a fancy pink of sorts.
  • Contrary to some rumors of titanium bezels, the design will be of stainless steel frame only.
  • Camera bump might increase to accommodate improved and bigger sensors.
  • A vastly improved internal heat dissipation system.

What we are not entirely sure of!

  • Getting a periscope zoom lens. While it does make for a good case and use scenario, Apple is not likely to switch to periscope lens.
  • Getting the new chipset across the entire lineup of iPhone 15s. The new set trend with iPhone 14 might likely continue.
  • Increase in RAM.
  • Haptic engine to get more modules to give a satisfactory click feel for when solid state volume and power buttons are used.
  • A dual tone finish, with the frame being of a different color than the back panel glass.

What we hope to get!

  • A newer design. The iPhones 11 onwards have had a similar design, its been 4 years Apple!
  • What about a good under screen touch ID system to complement face ID?
  • Same chipset in the entire lineup, please Apple.
  • Where is the mini phone? Yes it had a niche and small market, but don’t you care for you clientele Tim?
  • Reverse wireless charging, will help give some juice to your earbuds when in dire need.
  • A glowing Apple logo, yeah been in the wish list for like a decade now!


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